Quaife Ford Focus RS ATB Helical Limited Slip Chain Drive Differential
Quaife Focus RS chain drive differential

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Complete Quaife Ford Focus RS ATB Helical LSD
chain drive differential assembly

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Quaife Ford Focus RS ATB Chain Drive Unit comprises:
Brand new Quaife Ford Focus RS ATB helical geared LSD
(2) Aluminium Alloy Bearing Carriers
(2) Double lip oil seals
(2) Sealed Roller Bearings
Aluminium Alloy Oil/grease Can with grease nipples
Aluminium Alloy Sprocket (Choice of size up to 530 pitch, 51 tooth)
[52 to 62 tooth sprocket £5 extra]
Includes all sprocket fixings and bearing carrier fixings
Installation CD

A lightweight but strong helical geared, limited slip differential based on a brand new Quaife Ford Focus RS ATB helical geared LSD
This unit is ideal for bike engined single seater race, Formula Student (FSAE), hillclimb, sprint and track day cars, buggies, kit cars and trikes.
The fully assembled unit weighs in at approximately 9.75Kg.

The Quaife Ford Focus RS chain drive LSD uses standard Ford tripod CV joints and axles (not included).

Tripod output housings with tripod to suit are available.
Lightened tripod housings and housings with disc brake mounts are also available.