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MiniSpares EVO (Trannex) LSD Chain Drive Mini (A-Series) Differential Unit

The EVO chain drive differential is suitable for competition use with bike engines.
It is ideal for lightweight race, hillclimb and sprint cars, trikes, buggies and electric vehicles.

Order Ref: EVO1
Chain Drive Unit
Price: from £1295 including sprocket
Availability: Built to order (approximately 20 days)
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Basic Mini EVO chain drive unit consisting of:
Brand new MiniSpares EVO (Trannex) plate & ramp type LSD (Road, Rally or Race)
Pair of 10 spline, output shafts to suit pot-joints
Pair of Aluminium Alloy Bearing Blocks
Pair of Sealed Bearings
Aluminium Alloy Sprocket Adapter/Backing Ring
Aluminium Alloy Oil Can with grease nipples
Aluminium Alloy Sprocket [530 pitch, 39 to 51tooth]

(52 to 60 tooth £5 extra)
Fixings for mounting bearing blocks to chassis
Installation CD

We can also supply Mini differential output covers,seals and gaskets and 10 spline output shafts to suit Pot-joint or Hardy Spicer type couplings (extra cost)

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