Mounting Carriers
We can design and manufacture alternative mounting carriers for chain drive differentials.
The Sierra 7" LSD Chain Drive differential is normally supplied with a pair of side mount bearing carriers which are designed to mount to longitudinal chassis rails.
Our optional pivot or sliding plate carriers enable these side mount bearing carriers to be bolted to a frame for simple mounting to a transverse bulkhead or longitudinal chassis rails and allowing easy chain tensioning.

A further option is for inboard mounted disc brakes and calipers, the caliper mounting brackets attach to the side plates.
A single brake disc can be mounted on the Sierra LSD.
Alternatively, twin inboard discs can be mounted between the output shafts and the CV joints.
Both these arrangements allow the calipers and discs to remain in the same relative positions when the differential is moved to adjust tension in the chain.
The calipers used are new Brembo lightweight alloy, twin piston units.

Sierra 7" LSD Chain Drive Pivot Carrier with single rear Disc and Brembo Caliper

Sierra 7" LSD Chain Drive Pivot Carrier with twin inboard discs and Brembo Calipers

Left side sprocket
Optional Pivot Carrier, with sprocket mounted on left face of flange.

side mount carriers
Side mount bearing carriers with oil seals.

We can supply side mount bearing carriers and sealed bearings to suit Quaife (QDF7ZR) Fiesta based chain drive differentials.
These will also fit our pivot carriers.
Quaife Fiesta carriers

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