New Lightweight Quaife QDF36K ATB LSD Chain Drive Unit

For those looking for a lightweight but strong chain drive unit - the ATB1 - Quaife QDF36K based unit is an excellent choice.

The complete assembly with sprocket, bearings, bearing carriers and all fixings weighs in at around 8.3Kg.

The unit is fitted with Westgarage Engineering's newly designed, billet aluminium alloy side covers and bearing carriers.

The unit accepts Mini "pot-Joint" CV couplings or can be fitted with special Hardy-Spicer convertors for bolt-on driveshafts.

Adaptors are also available to bolt Taylor-Race FSAE light alloy tripod housings to the unit.

Flatshifter gearshift systems supplied and fitted

Westgarage Engineering can now supply and fit the Flatshifter range of electronic gearshift systems.
Flatshifter are a well established manufacturer of gearshift systems which offer clutchless up and down gearshifts.

Flatshifter performance gear shifting products are suitable for use on motorbikes and bike-engined road and race cars as well as other types of vehicle fitted with sequential gearboxes. They offer full or part throttle clutchless up-shifting and smooth clutchless downshifting.

TypeR Helical LSD Chain Drive

The first Honda TypeR based chain drive unit has been shipped to Oral Roberts University Formula Student (FSAE) Team.
The TypeR Chain Drive Unit is based on the Honda Civic/Integra/Accord helical geared limited slip differential.
It is a torsen style geared limited slip differential and comes from the TypeR performance versions of the Honda cars.
The chain drive unit accepts standard Honda 27 spline tripod type CV joints/axles.

MX5 based Chain Drive Differential introduced

mx5 chain drive differential
A chain drive differential based on the Mazda MX5 (Eunos Roadster / Miata) viscous coupled, limited slip differential had been added to the Westgarage Engineering range.
This differential weighs in at around 9.5Kg fully assembled and comes with output shafts to suit Mazda Mk1 bolt on drive shafts.
The MX5 is also a suitable donor vehicle for rear hubs, uprights and brakes for a variety of bike engined vehicles such as trikes, buggies, EVs, kit cars, track cars and single seater race and hillclimb cars.
The Mazda MX5 has been sold worldwide and is the most popular sports car of all time, therefore there should be no shortage donor cars.
A ready to bolt-in unit starts at just £629 (delivered in the UK).

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