Components for Race, Hillclimb & Sprint car preparation, modification & repair

- Bike engine conversions for single seater and kit cars
- Chain drive differentials.
- Aerofoils, spoilers, wings & endplates
- Wishbones, uprights, steering, gear linkages, spherical bearings, rod end joints.
Chain drive ATB lsd
Mini Quaife ATB Differential converted to chain drive for bike engined
single seater hillclimb and sprint car.
Ford Sierra 7
Sierra 7" LSD converted for chain drive
Bike engined car gearshifter
Gearshift for bike engined cars.
FF2000 wing
Aluminium Front wing for FF2000 (Based on Vauxhall-Lotus profile)
fvl profile front airfoil
Hillclimb single seater front wing

Re-skinned OMS Hillclimb, Single Seater, Front Aerofoil