Chain Drive Differential Parts

We can supply parts to convert your car, buggy, trike to accept a chain driven differential for the installation of a bike engine.
These can be used in front wheel or rear wheel drive installations.
We can supply complete kits or individual components, including:
Bearing Blocks and sealed bearings, sprocket adaptor plates, sprockets, driveshafts, differentials, oil cans.
So if you always wanted to install that Yamaha R1into your Mini? - here are the parts!
mini open diff for chain drive
Typical Mini based Chain Drive Differentialmini chain drive kit
Basic Kit of Parts (Aluminium Alloy)
mini quaife sealed bearing
Mini Sealed Bearing (2 per)
Conversion kits currently available to suit Mini (A-Series), standard or Quaife ATB LSD differentials.
mini quaife sprocket
Fully drilled and lightened alloy sprockets to suit application.
See Items For Sale to order any of the above kits or parts.
Now Available: Sierra LSD based kit.Ford Sierra 7 inch viscous lsd chain drive
Modified Sierra 7" Viscous LSD
with 86mm PCD Lobro type output shafts
Longitudinal chassis mounting of chaindrive differential
Bearing block and sealed bearing
Bearing blocks and bearings
Available to suit modified Sierra LSD or Fiesta Quaife ATB
See Items For Sale to order any of the above kits or parts.