Westgarage Engineering manufacture chain drive differentials to suit a variety of vehicles including:
Bike engined, single seater, race, hillclimb, sprint and kit cars, Formula Student (FSAE)
Bike engined off-road buggies and quads, Trikes and Electric vehicles

We have chain drive differential units to suit most applications.
Our budget range uses selected re-cycled car differentials converted to chain drive.
We also supply all new chain drive units based on after-market differentials.

Budget (re-cycled) units:
MX5 VLSD - based on Mazda MX5 (Miata, Eunos) Mk1 viscous coupled LSD: from £599
RS Turbo VLSD - based on Ford Escort RS Turbo viscous coupled LSD: Limited availability
Sierra 7" VLSD - based on Ford Sierra 4x4 viscous coupled LSD: Limited availability
Sierra 7.5" VLSD - based on Ford Sierra Cosworth viscous coupled LSD: Limited availability
TypeR Helical LSD - based on Honda Civic/Integra helical geared LSD: from £699
Mini A-Series - conversion kits: from £399

New Chain Drive Differentials:
Westgarage Engineering’s WG ATB LSD: From £699
Westgarage Engineering IB5ATB LSD: From £1099
Westgarage Engineering IB5PR Plate and Ramp LSD: From £1099
MiniSpares EVO (Trannex) LSD : From £1295
MiniSpares Molybdenum X-Pin (open) differential : From £950
Mini Quaife QDF14K ATB LSD : Obsolete but I can convert your unit from £399
Mini (Swiftune) Quaife QDF36K ATB LSD From £1345
Fiesta/Escort IB5 (Quaife) QDF7ZR ATB LSD : From £1204
Quaife ATB LSD Ford RS Focus (MTX-75) LSD: Prices on application

All of our differentials come complete with Aluminium Alloy bearing carriers with sealed bearings and output shaft oil seals, Oil retaining can, 7075-T6 Alloy sprocket, all fixings and an installation CD.

All these chain drive units are built to customer order, lead time is typically 15 to 20 days.

The chain drive units can be supplied with supplementary
mounting carriers to ease installation and chain adjustment.
Inboard disc brakes or and electric reverse can also be fitted to our chain drive units.

Custom / hybrid driveshafts can be manufactured to suit most installations.
We can supply individual components or complete systems.

Prices do not include delivery
We are not registered for VAT.